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From Marsh C viewer: Sweeping leaves off the sidewalk I am struck by two thoughts. One, although there are few brilliantly colored ones left, each leaf has a beauty of its own, but only if you look closely. Second, the different colors, shapes and sizes reminded me of the wonderful show I saw last night, Immigrant Song.

Kathy B, viewer: Magical evening.  So moving. An important message.  I loved the show 😘😘

 Shirley A, viewer: Loved the show - it should be REQUIRED SEEING by every American. I didn't  look at the program until I got home - all of you and your lovely comments fit in my purse, and most certainly in my heart. .

Joanne Halev, performer: It was an honor to be part of Immigrant Song's Uprising Concert, with the Empire State Building rising majestically above the lovely terrace where we sang, shared stories of our families, and celebrated our diversity. The feeling in the air (literally!) was exhilarating - especially knowing that all present shared the same values and the same hopes for "a more perfect Union.. In these days of COVID-19, it was sheer joy to sing for a live audience knowing that our songs were speaking heart to heart."

Annie H, viewer: Words can’t describe how grateful I am that we got to be there!  It was a phenomenal show.  You are so talented and all of the singers and musicians spectacular.  And you had me sobbing with Lullaby.  And ending with This Land is your Land - reminds me of the pride and love I have for my country. 

Margaret B:, viewer: I cried through most of the show.  It was so moving! 

Linda S., viewer: Last night I had a spiritual experience. I wish this presentation of music, laughter, love and the sense of oneness could have been here for more than just one night. It was beyond amazing. I got home last night and tried to unpack and unravel all the feelings I was having.  One of the performers shared this fact- it's been 81 years since the Holocaust, and right now in New York, anti-Semitic hate crimes have increased 90 percent! Doesn't that really disturb you?
The prevailing thought that came to me was this- what CAN YOU DO to change the trajectory of hate in this country? The only thing I know is to love more, to practice acceptance and to truly embrace inclusion. It's the WE that can do this. Let's get busy.

 Debbie S, viewer: it was such a beautiful, moving and defiantly inspiring experience.

John Wallach, performer: Besides the fun of playing with this diverse group of excellent musicians, the purpose of the show is timely and important. I'm proud to play even a small role. 

Anu F, performer: Around the world, many Hindus are celebrating global Akhand Bhajan, where 24 hour vigils of chanting are observed this weekend for vibrational upliftment and healing of our planet. I was happy to offer two kirtans today during these holy hours.

Anu French, performer: I learned that today was the anniversary of Kristallnacht the Night of Broken Glass, a sober observation of beginning of the Holocaust, the name coming from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after the windows of Jewish-owned stores, buildings and synagogues were smashed in Germany. As I told my story of arrival to this country 27 years ago tonight , I shared music created from my roots and wings, the blending of East and West within me. I could feel the blessings of my ancestors and the blossoming of hope in my two Indian American daughters.

Joan L:, viewer: A glorious night of music celebrating songs addressing the immigrant experiences organized by Katie McGrath and produced by Robert Breig and featuring a kick ass band and some of the best singers in town. 

A well deserved standing ovation at the .zack last night. 

I absolutely cried but my spirits were also lifted in the way that music and community does.

Mike K., performer: Being a part of this show was like being on the lineup at Woodstock, it felt like being at the center of the universe. 

I saw Liz Murphy White belting it out like God himself was trying to sing through her, and Chet Whye Jr., telling the truth in way that was truly electrifying.

Thank you Katie, for your vision and passion, it made this all possible. Thanks also to all my fellow performers and everyone who showed up last night. This is how we change the world.

Brian McCrary, performer: It was a blast and I feel honored to be associated with this incredibly diverse, gifted and hard working group. 

Director Lina Koutrakos: Having the honor of directing this show in NYC, watching the pieces/singers/people and all thier diversities come together was like the America I love...the melting pot that makes us "us". Its inspirational beyond even the obvious and must continue to be seen.

Jeffrey M. Wright, performer: It was a true honor to join this talented and joyful group of singers and musicians! A return to live performance in a beautiful and safe environment was such a needed escape for the performers and audience alike. Our unique backgrounds and stories are our shared strengths, and Katie's vision of celebrating that was a wonderful gift, especially during a very trying time for our country.  I'm so grateful and proud to have been a small part of such an awesome experience!

Brian Fender, performer: We did something that was special. Combining some of the most in readable artists that the city has to offer with a New York City skyline, it was a 2020 dream come true. I am proud to have been a part of such a fearless, vital show!

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