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What Is Immigrant Song?

It is a series of concerts featuring deliberately diverse performers, all sharing the stories of their ancestors' arrival in the U.S. It's our response to the spike in race-culture-and religion-based domestic hate crimes cited by the FBI since 2016.

What is the mission of Immigrant Song?

We seek to answer the hostility and violence to non-white citizens and immigrants in our community with music and stories that pierce the walls that divide us, and to foster appreciation for our differences in a unique, celebratory way. 

Who will perform in Immigrant Song concerts?

We're inviting an array of well-known and emerging artists representing every genre of music from every continent to share the story of how each one's ancestors came from somewhere else. Some arrived in chains on slave ships, some via chain migration, some hunger or religious persecution.

How can I help Immigrant Song?

We welcome sponsors, donors and volunteers of all kinds. To donate to immigrant song, go to


Who is producing Immigrant Song?

Immigrant Song LLC is comprised of Katie Dunne McGrath (raised in St. Louis) and Chet Whye, Jr. (raised in Baltimore). We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. We invite tax-deductible donations and sponsorships from corporate and private organizations and individual donors to help us offset costs to make Immigrant Song performances affordable to all. 

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